LetsBidLocal Inc. Privacy Policy

LetsBidLocal Inc. Privacy Policy

LetsBidLocal Inc., a corporation in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

At LetsBidLocal, we take your privacy seriously. Our "alpha" representation of our online merchant platform will use information we gather from our authentication partner, Facebook Inc. for the purposes of:

  1. Validating your identity using your personal identifying information provided by Facebook with your permission in the form of application permissions when you agree to link LetsBidLocal to your Facebook account. The information gathered consists of:
    1. Full name - used as your identifier for your user on our application
    2. Email address - used as your unique identifier to uniquely identify you as a user on our system. We may ask you for permission in the future to use your email to send you deals and updates.
    3. Profile photo and user photos - this will be used as your user profile photo on LetsBidLocal. This photo has to be a photo that shows your face clearly. Any user account that does not show a clear head shot photograph will not be allowed to buy or sell items on our platform.
    4. User Location - We use this and compare it to your geographically reported location from your browser/Operating System to determine what marketplaces you can participate in.
    5. User Gender - We use this to tailor the user experience, and to collect anonymous analytical data on our platform users.
    6. User Birthday - We use your birthday to determine your age, and to send you a Happy Birthday notification on your birthday. Your User Birthday can and may be compared to any photo identification we ask for from you to validate your account beyond a standard marketplace account.
  2. To provide a dependable identity system on our platform, we have a tiered set of user validation depending upon the type and volume of business you conduct via our platform. At any time, LetsBidLocal may ask you to validate your identity using digital copies of information we can use to verify your identity. This is typically asked for if there is any doubt about your identity when you first sign up, and at various points in using our platform, such as becoming a seller, or a commercial entity.
  3. To collect internal analytics and to present you with content that we have determined may be suitable for you based on your past activity on our platform.

Your information is protected using various levels of at rest, and in transit encryption. Data that is personally identifiable is encrypted when at rest, in the form of data files, configuration files, and database entries. Data that is personally identifiable is also encrypted when in transit, whether internally within our platform, or externally when authenticating or using a service that you have given permission to, to access your data via our systems.

All of our systems are protected with MFA security where there is any human interaction with an interface. Communication between automated systems within our platform is encrypted using tokens and certificates.

Last Edited: March 28, 2020
Rex Storey

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